On the 22th of January 2020

"French cuisine"


1. Burgundy pate

Mixed pate from pork flavored with Burgundian herbs 

2. Goat cheese salad  

Mixed lettuce topped with goat cheese, apple, nuts and honey dressing  

3. Goose rillettes

Grilled sour dough bread with goose rillettes

4. Smoked salmon  

Smoked salmon with horseradish cream

5. Beef tartar

Beef tartar flavored with gherkin, caper, onion herbs egg and brandy

6. Prawn cocktail

Poached prawns with cocktail sauce

7. Chicken soup 

Ritch chicken soup garnished with vegetables and herbs 

8. Onion Soup   

Onion soup with cheese crouton

9. Quiche Loraine

Open pie filled with a mixture from egg cream and bacon

10. Frog legs

Frog legs with garlic cream sauce

11. Lamb cutlet

Grilled lamb cutlet served with lamb gravy and duchess potato

12. Coq au vin  

Chicken braised with Red wine mushrooms and onion served with mashed potato

13. Catfish

Catfish served with fennel and celery and boiled potato

14. Crepe suzette  

Thin pancake with orange sauce and vanilla ice cream

15. Crème brulee  

Slow cooked vanilla dessert with bourbon vanilla

16. French Cheese plater

An variety of French cheeses garnished with grapes and nuts 


You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 995,- Baht


2 persons for the 16 dishes on Jan 22nd

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16 dishes "French cuisine"
On the 22th of January 2020 "French cuisine"  
"Chef's Favorite"
1.Carpaccio 250,-
Summer special 2020!!!
Summer special 2020!!!