Wednesday 26th August 2020

16 dishes  "One country one dish"

1. Mexican prawn ceviche

Prawns combined with avocado, red onion, cucumber and tomato, brought up to taste with lime juice, tequila, chili and cilantro

2. Italian carpaccio

Very thin sliced, garnished with cashew nuts, fresh grated parmesan, balsamic reduction and lettuce

3. Greek salad

Cos lettuce topped with a chunky mixture of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, olives and feta cheese

4. German pork terrine

Pork meat combined with a strong flavored aspic gelee

5. Danish herring

Raw herring on pumpernickel spread with sour cream topped with red onions

6. Vietnamese fresh spring roll with smoked chicken

A combination from vegetables, lettuce, noodles and smoked chicken in a rice wrap dressed with a sweet-sour-mild spicy- peanut sauce

7. North American mango gazpacho

Cold soup from mango drizzled with bell pepper coulis garnished with chives

8. Indian chicken curry soup

Creamy yellow curry soup with a garnish from chicken and a confetti from bell pepper onion and chili

9. French onion soup

Rich onion soup with a gruyere cheese crouton

10. Indonesian chicken satay

Barbequed chicken thigh skewers garnished with peanut sauce served with atjar tjampoer and prawn crackers

11. Turkish Lamb kofta

Spiced lamb sausage served with pita bread and yoghurt-garlic sauce

12. Austrian Tafel spitz

Beef stewed in strong flavored broth, served with vegetables, sautéed parsley potato, chives sauce and horseradish apple sauce

13. Norwegian sous-vide poached salmon (Served lukewarm)

Slow cooked Salmon with dill and white wine at a 52c served with spinach and hollandaise sauce

14. Dutch Boschebol

Éclair filled with whipping cream and topped with chocolate

15. Latin caramel flan

Egg pudding with a caramel glaze

16. Intercontinental cheese plate

   Varity of cheese from different continents garnished with grapes and crackers

      You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 995.- Baht


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16 dishes "One country one dish"
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