1. Carpaccio 280,-

Carpaccio is one of the chef’s specialties, Beef tenderloin nicely marinatedaccording to an old Italian recipe, very thinly sliced on a bed of mixed greens,garnished with cashew nuts and parmesan, with balsamic reduction

2. Farmers plate 295,-

A combination plate of imported cold cuts and homemade meat delicatessen

 3.Tomato soup ala Chef Bart 165,-

Spiced tomato soup with flavors from horseradish,celery,chilli ,garlic and onion decorated with cream

4.Black spaghetti seafood 495.-

Squid ink spaghetti tossed with ocean delicatessen,onion,garlic,chilli,cherry and rocket lettuce

5.Salmon on Cedar wood 560.-

Salmon broiled in the oven on a cedar plank served with lemon sauce,mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes

6. Beef liver 395.-

Thin sliced beef liver served on mashed potato topped with fried onion gravy,bacon and apple

7. Duck breast 395,-

Pan-fried duck breast resting on broccoli mashed potato dressed with orangevdemi-glace

8.Heaven’s mud 225,-

Chocolate mousse prepared with Swiss chocolate, hazelnuts and a splash ofKahlúa 

9.Pineapple on fire 275,-

Tableside flambéed pineapple with dark rum, coconut rum, lime and sugarserved with vanilla ice cream 

10.Crepe suzette 275,-

Thin pancake with orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. Flambéed table side