Delivery and take-away


  • Our staff follows all hygiene rules and are temperature checked twice a day 
  • Delivery and takeaway hours are from 11.00 till 21.00
  • Food will be delivered soon as possible when food is finished
  • You can order in advance and let us know your preferred time
  • Items are presented on disposable plates, bowls and packs
  • Items marked with an F can be delivered frozen on request
  • Minimum order is Thb 500,-
  • Free delivery in Jomtien and Pratumnak area
  • Fondue is available with one day preordering and the gear will be picked up the following day
  • Cash on delivery only
  • Please use only the following phone number and methods to order
  • The menu is subject to change 


For more details or requests contact us

Please provide name, address, phone number and email. If possible, send us your location from google maps


Our wines are available at 20% discount!

Please let us know if we have to uncork the bottle.

Food menu


201. Parma ham and melon 295.-
Old-timer on most of the menus worldwide, so try our Parma ham with cantaloupe melon

202. Carpaccio 280,-
Beef tenderloin nicely marinated according to an old Italian recipe, very thinly sliced, garnished with cashew, fresh grated parmesan, balsamic reduction and lettuce

205. Caesar salad 195,-
Cos lettuce mixed with our homemade Caesar dressing, garnished with bacon bits, croutons, fresh grated parmesan and anchovies fillet (with grilled chicken breast 120, - extra)

203. Smoked salmon    280,- 
Thin sliced premium smoked salmon resting on salad tossed with wasabi dressing,

226. Chicken Curry soup  (F)   165,- 
Creamy soup from chicken flavored with bell pepper and curry 

225. Onion soup  (F)   165,- 
Traditional French onion soup garnished with a Gruyere cheese crouton

224. Tomato soup ala Chef Bart (F)   165,-
Spiced tomato soup with the flavors from horseradish, celery, chili garlic and onion decorated with cream

223. Potato mustard soup   165,-
Creamy soup from potato and mustard 

219. Pea soup  (F)   165,-
Thick rich split pea soup with a lot of meat and smoked sausage

210. Canard confit   420,-
Sous-vide prepared duck leg cooked on low temperature for 24 hours, served with berry compote and handpicked lettuce tossed in our world famous truffle dressing

211. Chicken ragout   250,- 
A creamy mixture of chicken and mushrooms served with rice or bread and salad

(F) Items marked with an F can be delivered frozen on request


235. Chicken shashlik    295,-

236. Vienna pork schnitzel      295,-

254. Meat balls   295,-                                                                                                                                           

255. Pork goulash   395,-

237. Cordon bleu   395,-

238. Spareribs   395,-

234. Duck breast  (Served with orange demiglace only select potato and vegetable)   395,-

233. Beef liver  395,-

240. Veal tongue  395,-

251. Norwegian cod loin filet  495,-

260B. Pork tenderloin steak 200 g   395,-

261B. Argentina beef tenderloin 200 g   895,-

* Select 2 potato or vegetable side dishes and 1 sauce

  • Potato: Fries, Mashed potato, Sautéed potato, Potato salad, Steamed rice
  • Vegetable: Side salad, Mixed vegetable, Sautéed spinach, Spinach gratin
  • Sauce: Pepper sauce, Mushroom Marsala sauce, Garlic sauce, Onion gravy, Spicy Isaarn sauce, White wine sauce


290. Heaven’s mud   225,- 
Chocolate mousse prepared with Swiss chocolate, nuts and a splash of Kahlúa

297. Strawberry bavarois  225,-
Creamy pudding made from strawberries

298. Yogurt Fresh mango 225,-
Yoghurt with fresh mango chunks


270. Fondue bourguignon (Oil) minimum 2 people and 1 day pre ordering  695,- pp                                                               

50 gr beef tenderloin cubes, 50 gr pork tenderloin cubes, 4 meatballs, 50 gr chicken cubes pp.

Served with 5 different dips, potato salad, cucumber salad, crudités and French fries.

We will bring the gear and collect it the following day.

Thai food 
(price for chicken or pork / beef, shrimp or seafood)

283. Tom yam ต้มยำ  275,- / 375,-

284. Tom kha ต้มข่า  275,- / 375,-

275. Green curry  แกงเขียวหวาน  275,- / 375,-

276.  Fried with oyster sauce  ผัดน้ำมันหอย**  275,- / 375,-

285. Fried vegetables ผัดผักรวม**  275,- / 375,-

286. Chicken cashew nut ไก่ผัดเม็ด**  275,-

287. Paneng curry พะแนง**  275,- / 375,-

288. Fried rice with fried egg ข้าวผัด+ไข่ดาว  180,- / 280,-

289. Rice soup  ข้าวต้ม  180,- / 280,-

278. Thai omelet standard ไข่เจียว**  175,- / 195,- 

280. Fried sea bass with sweet chili sauce** 495,-

** is served with steamed rice 

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