New year's eve


Smoked duck and chestnut praline 

Praline made from smoked duck with a crème filling of chestnut

2. Sashimi trilogy

Thin sliced Akami tuna, salmon and Hamachi decorated with traditional garnishment

3. Farmer’s pate

Pork pate combined with nuts and dried fruit

4. Prawn and king crab salad

Freshly picked garden lettuce, cucumber, red onion topped with prawns and Alaskan king crab meat dressed with a lemon horseradish mayonnaise

5. Carpaccio and foie gras

Thin sliced beef tenderloin marinated to an Old Italian recipe garnished with rocket lettuce, pine nuts and parmesan cheese topped with foie gras

6. Angus Roast beef and blue

Angus Roast beef on celery- iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing garnished with pecan nuts and caramelized apple

7. Cucumber yogurt gazpacho

Chilled soup made from cucumber and Greek yogurt garnished with prawn chunks

8. Oxtail cappuccino

Very strong flavored oxtail soup garnished broiled with cream and curry powder

9. Bouillabaisse Ala chef Bart

Full flavored bisque filled with ocean delicatessen

10. Lamb ham

Home cured lamb ham with rosemary potato, sautéed fennel and red wine reduction

11. Australian Black angus beef

120 day Black Angus beef served with a roasted celeriac mousseline and a port wine porcini sauce flavored with bitter chocolate

12. Seafood duet

Marinated Us scallop and Tiger prawn served with a salad from granny smith apple and radish

13. Greenland turbot

Pan-fried Greenland turbot served with spinach mashed potato and white wine saffron sauce

14. Stracciatella parfait

Home-made ice-cream flavored with vanilla and bitter chocolate chips

15. Berry meringue

Mini meringue with berry sorbet, fresh berries and white chocolate vanilla sauce

16. International cheese plate

5 kinds of international cheese garnished with grapes and crackers


You can order any of the dishes as many time as you like just 2,500.- Baht

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Christmas dinner 2019
Christmas dinner
16 dishes Viva Italian
On the 18th of December 2019 "VIVA ITALIAN"   1. Carpaccio