"Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya" is a credo found on the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya. And surely when most people think of Pattaya, or even sometimes of Thailand in general, it rings true to them. But is it really? Is sleaze all there is? The answer is most definitely no. There is so much more to Pattaya if you know where to look. In fact the greatest charm of Pattaya is that it has pretty much everything, as opposed to other and more secluded beach destinations. This, and the fact that it's just a 90 minute drive from Bangkok, makes Pattaya the perfect holiday destination for both tourists and locals.

Pattaya has it all. Island life, entertainment and delicious food.

Granted, Pattaya beach isn't the most perfect of the world's picturesque sandy spots. But especially now the water quality has improved significantly from the state it was in a few years back, it's still a beautiful sight. And the beach in Pattaya has a few other things going for it that a secluded stretch of sand in the Maldives for instance, has not. The beach stretches alongside Pattaya city and features a lively boulevard, especially at night. It's a delight to take a late night stroll past the ocean and watch the locals fish for squid and grilling it on the spot. In Pattaya people are well accustomed to tourists and you'll find yourself invited to drinks and snacks with little effort. Thais are highly social animals and will seldom pass on an opportunity to make a new friend.

During the daytime the beach is lined with comfy recliners and any kind of food or beverage is generously served on demand. Jomtien beach offers a special gay stretch of sand and on several spots you can get a relaxing massage under a palm tree overlooking the ocean.

Great restaurants with food from all corners of the earth

Pattaya has been influenced by cultures from all over the world. The renowned Thai hospitality and deep love affair with food fuses into a plethora of restaurants spread out all over town. Indian, Arab, Thai, Dutch, German, Belgian, Russian, Italian... The list goes on and on. There's something for every budget and the fresh ingredients and good supply of imported goods (from beef to wine) raise the richness of flavors found in the beach resort to new heights.

Culture, sports and recreation

Did you know that around Pattaya there are over 10 golf courses? Well, there are and very attractive ones at that. And for the water sport enthusiasts there are many opportunities for great sailing, water-skiing and diving around in the waters surrounding of Pattaya. Several islands such as Koh Larn are just half an hour away by ferry or even less by speed boat. Pattaya is also home to beautiful temples and Buddha Mountain can be a great source of meditation and inspiration. 

Red light districts & Nightlife

After the sun goes down the lights turn on. As darkness sets, Pattaya beach treats you to a  beautiful view of a much photographed skyline. Spotlight beams dance over the party areas, the green lanterns used to draw squid bop and weave in the distant ocean and high rise buildings dot the sky with their illuminated windows. Suck up the salty air and turn around to face the music of Pattaya's immersive nightlife scene. Walking street is lined with go-go bars and shows of all kinds. There are clubs and trendy cocktail bars and for the LGBT crowd there are many gay bars and pubs.

Know your way around

There's simply more to your stay in Pattaya if you pick the right location to stay and have a few simple pointers towards the main attractions and the perhaps less explored adventures this wonderful beach resort has to offer. The Poseidon Residence Pattaya is your perfect base of guidance and assistance whenever you need from our dedicated staff. Our location is nothing short of excellent, next to the beach, connected to every form of transport and close to the center of town. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions through our contact page, by phone or even facebook. We're already at your service! 

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