Wednesday, 17th of August 2016

You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 950,- THB

1. Duck pate

Pate made from duck livers garnished with shaved foie grass

2. Roast pork rolls

Roast pork filled with a vegetable medley

3. Prawn cocktail

Poached prawns garnished with American cocktail sauce

4. Filet American on pumper nickel

Pumper nickel bread topped with spiced beef tartar

5. Creaser salad with crispy pancetta

Traditional Caesar salad topped with parmesan croutons and crispy pancetta

6. Chilled soup cucumber soup

Cold soup made from cucumber, mint, garlic and yogurt

    7. Chicken curry soup

Creamy chicken soup flavored with curry powder

8. Tomato soup

Classical tomato soup filled with meat balls and vermicelli

9. Burgundy toast

Fried Parma ham mushrooms and onion herbs and garlic on toast

10. Lamb sausage

Sausage made from lamb garnished with garlic sauce

11. Coq au vin

In red wine slow cooked chicken thigh with mushrooms shallots and other vegetables. Served on creamy mashed potato

12. Sour cream salmon

Salmon topped with herbed sour cream broiled in the oven resting on snow-pea mashed potato

13. Bossche bolletje

Éclair filled with whipping cream and glazed with chocolate

14. Strawberry yogurt bavarois

Pudding made with strawberries, yogurt and whip cream

15. International cheese plate

A variety of international cheeses

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"Chef's Favorite"
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