Order any of the fine Italian dishes as often as you like, for just THB 950,-


  1. Reversed Tonato 
    Thinly sliced tuna with a veal mayonnaise 
  2. Tiramisu Smoked Salmon 
    Savory tiramisu, layered with creamy cheese, pumpernickel bread and smoked salmon  
  3. Mozzarella Puff 
    Puff pastry filled with mozzarella and garnished with tomato and basil 
  4. Parma Ham Melon 
    Cantaloupe aspic filled with a crème of Parma ham 
  5. Spicy Salami Tower 
    Tower stacked with spicy salami and tri-colored bell pepper bavarois 
  6. Italian Farmer’s Salad 
    Mixed salad of red oak, rocket lettuce, sundried tomatoes, red onions, olives, crispy pancetta and provolone cheese 
  7. Wild Rucola Gazpacho 
    Chilled soup made with wild rucola lettuce and yogurt with a garnish of black olives 
  8. Italian Wedding Soup 
    Italian-American soup made with chicken broth, green leafy vegetables, mall meatballs and orzo pasta
  9. Vegetable Tomato Soup
    Beef and tomato consommé with vegetables and macaroni 
  10. Meat Ravioli
    Ravioli filled with a mixture of ground pork and ricotta cheese in a homemade tomato sauce 
  11. Oven-Baked Chicken Snack
    Oven-baked chicken and sage wrapped with Parma ham and tossed in garlic butter
  12. Pork Roulade 
    Pork roulade filled with ratatouille and served on orzo pasta 
  13. Sea Bass 
    Pan-fried sea bass served on a creamy spinach orecchiette pasta
  14. Cannelloni 
    Fried cannelloni filled with mocha cream
  15. Pistachio Tiramisu 
    Tiramisu flavoured with pistaccio nuts and amaretto 
  16. Italian Cheese Plate 
    A variety of Italian cheeses, garnished with crackers and olives 

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"Chef's Favorite"
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