Poseidon’s WINE CELLAR 

presents on 18th of September 2019

World Foods


1. Farmers pate

Homemade pate from pork garnished with dried fruits and nuts and a lingonberry compote

2. Roast beef rolls

Thin sliced roast beef wrapped around a vegetable medley from Enoki-mushroom, celery, radish carrot and red onion dressed with a sesame kalbee sauce

3. Huzaren salad

A typical Dutch salad made from beef, potato, apple, pickled dills, peas, carrot and onion combined with mayonnaise and garnished with a devilled egg     

4. Smoked chicken Caesar salad wrap

Smoked chicken and Caesar salad wrapped in a tortilla

5. Tuna tartar

Raw tuna combined with red onion, avocado and cucumber tossed with a creamy wasabi-soi sauce

6.  Salami trilogy

Salami Picante, salami Napoli and salami Milano garnished with olives

7. Minestrone

Italian vegetable- smoked bacon soup with a garnish from cannellini beans and macaroni

8. Beef and vegetable consommé

Clear beef soup garnished with vegetables, beef and garden herbs

9. Ham-mustard Vol-au-vent

Ham-mustard ragout in a puff pastry cup

10. Sweet and sour sparerib fingers

Boneless spareribs deep-fried with tempura batter served with a sweet and sour sauce

11. Lasagna

Old-time favorite with our events pasta leaves layered with bolognaise and béchamel sauce broiled with cheese   

12. Bavette roast

Australians 120day grain fed Black-Angus slow roast bavette served with kohlrabi and roast potato

13. Ocean stew

A variety from fish, seafood, vegetable and baby potato simmered in lobster sauce

14. (Hangop) Strained yoghurt

Thick strained yoghurt blend with vanilla and sugar topped with raspberry coulis

15. Limoncello tiramisu

Layers of mascarpone cream Limoncello drained ladyfingers topped with lemon zest

 16. International Cheese Plate

A variety of international cheeses, garnished with crackers and grapes

You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 995,-- Baht




World Foods 18th of September2019
Poseidon’s WINE CELLAR  presents on 18th of September 2019
"Chef's Favorite"
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