What is Poseidon without water? What is a visit to Pattaya without an intimate view of guys in swim suits? Enter the exotic delight of Poseidon's indoor pool  with an open bar, airconditioning, jacuzzi . Our enticing facilities are a "must-have" addition to your holiday in Thailand. Invite some friends, guests or locals from outside to enjoy a nice cool drink or cocktail. Laid back lounge chairs, a Jacuzzi and jet stream for the swimming pool can keep you and your company excited for hours.

The pool area is cozy and private with tasteful yet modest decorations. We don't impose any restrictions on the opening hours or the company you keep. Bring yourself and your friends to the pool whenever you wish. If you can imagine it, we can facilitate it. The divine pool at Poseidon Residence Pattaya is just the right spot to end a long day or night out.