The Poseidon residence is perfectly situated nearby the most common attractions of Pattaya. Jomtien Beach is our most favored neighbor and not far away lies the famous walking street Pattaya.

Jomtien beach Pattaya

The sands and waves of this wonderful beach that lines Pattaya are just a minute's walk away. Enjoy sunbathing or marvel at the sunset during a walk along the beach as locals fire up barbecues and fish for squid. Telling tales and sharing drinks with friends as the tropical night sets in. You'll find yourself momentarily lost in paradise before trading in the quiet, almost picturesque beach scene for what inevitably lies ahead.

Walking Street Pattaya

One of the island's main attractions is called "walking street". A vast array of bars, go-go girls and restaurants are crammed side by side into this very vibrant stretch of road. Transgender, Tom girls, Thai ladies, in all their color and splendor are found in Pattaya's infamous Walking street. A sight of cultural diversity that is not to be missed. Walking Street is just a 10 minute drive from the Poseidon . You can catch a Songthaew bus every few minutes, night and day, in front of the Poseidon.


Boys, boys, boys

Thai society is very open and liberal towards sexual -and quite famously gender- diversity. As a result a diverse gay and lgbt-friendly scene is found in Pattaya. There is Boystown, near walking street Pattaya, with it's long standing reputation of noteworthy gay bars. Close to the Poseidon Hotel are more local gay avenues and plaza's with many laid back and open bars to visit. Enjoy a cold drink under a tropical sky with the many local guys outside.