Spanish wine promotion

 Greatfive  Chardonnay

1/2 liters: THB 670

Poseidon's Wine Cellar. From affordable to Chablis and Amarone.

Wine isn't really abundant in Thailand due to various import related difficulties. But a God of oceans simply can't go without his nectar. And so at Poseidon's Wine Cellar in Pattaya we have dutifully persevered and as a result you'll always find a magnificent selection of wines ready for you to enjoy. Poseidon brings great choices of wine to Pattaya within the THB 1000 - 1500 range. And for the true connoisseur we are always honored to open a fine bottle of Chablis or Amarone.

We keep 10 bottles of wine open to serve by the glass

Speaking of bottles: Poseidon keeps no less than ten of them open for the thirsty traveler. One sparkling wine, one rose and 4 whites and reds. Perfect for the single traveler and those who like cycling through different wines along the course of a meal.

To those who are looking for wine in Pattaya, come and have a taste over dinner or just to wash away the taste of salty water after a warm day at the beach. We offer monthly specials on worthy wines so make sure to check our website frequently, or follow these and other frequent culinary events on our Facebook or Pinktrails page.